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Short introduction

Works in Catholic ministry. Researches within the intersection of mythology, mysticism, and critical theory. Writes about religious abuse, media ethics, and social justice.

Longer introduction

Hi, I’m Will Sipling. I work in ministry at Word on Fire as the Director of Communications. I’m currently an independent (institutionally unaffiliated) scholar who researches and writes about mythology, mysticism, and social theory.

My academic work covers thinkers such as Adorno, Horkheimer, Charles Taylor, Newman, Walter Benjamin, and Edward Bernays. I explore topics like the nouvelle théologie, catechetical biblical studies, Anglicanism, Western Esotericism, sexuality, and pastoral psychology.

I'm studying for an MS in Mass Media Management from Arkansas State University. Previously, I earned an MA in Catholic Studies from the University of St. Thomas (MN), and was a Student Fellow of the Department of Catholic Studies and the Thomas J. Murphy Center for Catholic Thought, Law, and Public Policy. Before this, I served as Assistant Director of Digital Content and Marketing at Dallas Theological Seminary, where I earned a master’s degree in biblical and theological studies.

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