Exploring the Intersection of Human, Media, and Systemic Ecology

Will Sipling is a writer and researcher exploring the intersection of human, media, and systemic ecology. He has served teams in tech, workforce management, higher education, and nonprofit industries as a communications professional. Through his organization Phronesis Care, he provides consulting, executive coaching, and abuse and victim advocacy.

As a lover of learning and studying, his peer-reviewed articles have been featured in Springer and Brill publications. He has presented research at NEMLA, Cambridge, Durham, Loyola, and many other universities and organizations. He earned an MA from the University of St. Thomas, an MTS from Dallas Theological Seminary, and is a 2022 participant in Notre Dame’s McGrath Institute Communications Ecology Program.


Gmail: william.sipling


Will Sipling
Writer and researcher at the intersection of human, media, and systemic ecology.